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New School Building

We are very excited and grateful to have reached the end of Stage 4 of the Five Stage process of building a new school building.  This project will see us extend our already generous site and open a brand new, state of the art school.  We look forward with anticipation to building work commencing. 


Below you will see images from the final plans. 

Internal_3 - Photo.jpg
Internal_9 - Photo.jpg
Internal_8 - Photo.jpg
Internal_7 - Photo.jpg
Internal_5 - Photo.jpg
Internal_4 - Photo.jpg
Internal_4 - Library Resource.jpg
Internal_1 - KS1 Classroom.jpg
Internal_2 - KS2 Classroom.jpg
Internal_6 - MPH.jpg
Internal_3 - KS2 Resource Area.jpg
Internal_6 - Photo.jpg
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