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Parent/carer annual evaluation of Crawfordsburn PS May 2018

Dear Parent

As you will be aware, we are constantly trying to improve the quality and breadth of education, care and opportunities that we seek to offer the pupils at Crawfordsburn PS. We are now at a stage in the school year where we would like you to complete our annual questionnaire.

This year, we have moved to an on-line, digital format. Please spare 10 minutes to complete a questionnaire by going to: and logging on using the password provided below.

Your password has been forwarded to you by text message.

The password is case sensitive.

This evaluation is completely confidential and you do not need to name yourself or your children, however if there are significant issues raised, please be aware that without your details, these will not be able to be addressed directly.

In the comments boxes, please make reference to any issues you wish to draw our attention to. For example, we would like to know the level of demand there would be for restarting a Breakfast Club from e.g. 8am.

Please complete all questionnaires online by Tuesday 22nd May as we aim to bring the results of these to the Board of Governors by the end of the school year. Many thanks for your help and support, which is very much appreciated.

We are trying very hard to improve all that we do for your children.

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