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About Bright Sparks

Bright Sparks enjoys the facilities of a beautiful large room, kitchen, cloakroom and toilets and has the use of the school library,  P.E. hall, wildlife garden, play trail and an enclosed playground. There is a wealth of resources providing ideal learning opportunities and environments for young children that are both stimulating and challenging. The children are both happy and secure.

Each child is provided with an excellent start to their educational journey, learning through play in a balanced and flexible curriculum. The children are encouraged to develop emotionally, socially, physically and intellectually in relation to the seven areas of curriculum guidance for pre-school. The Pre-School is committed to independent and inquisitive learning.

At Bright Sparks Pre-School, we aim to involve parents in their child’s education through close links between home and school. We recognise the importance of you, the parent, as your child’s first educator. Parents are welcome at all times and are encouraged to come into the playroom at the beginning and end of each session to enable the sharing of learning experiences.

The vast majority of our Bright Sparks then make the very smooth transition into P1 at Crawfordsburn Primary School.

We use “See-Saw,” a digital portfolio, to record the Bright Sparks progress. Parents get a notification when an item has been added to their child’s portfolio. Newsletters and notes are mostly sent via our See-Saw App to your phone or tablet.

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